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LDE double hoist single beam crane

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LDE type electric single beam crane is also called double trolley single beam crane, double hoist single beam crane, double track single beam crane, etc. The crane is designed and manufactured in accordance with JB/T306-, which is based on the needs of the market and users in recent years. A crane developed on the basis of an electric single-beam crane. Common lifting weight 1t-25t, common lifting weight LDE(5+5)t, LDE(5+2)t, LDE(10+5)t, span is 7.5m-31.5m, can also be designed separately according to user requirements , Use three-phase 380V, 50Hz power supply, working environment temperature -25℃-40℃. The operation mode is ground operation, remote control, and room operation, which can be selected by the user. Note: (The local factory supplies 10% below the market price, free on-site surveys, fast customized production and installation, if there are any quality problems in the later use of the product, including human factors, 30-60 minutes to start the emergency maintenance program).




This product uses an electric hoist as the lifting mechanism. The crane with the whole machine running on two tracks has two independently operating electric hoists. These two electric hoists can both independently complete the lifting work of the workpiece, and can also complete the work in cooperation with each other. The turning of large workpieces, at the same time, each control handle can independently control the shared cart operating mechanism, and the price is only a small increase compared with the ordinary LDA electric single beam crane. Therefore, it is an economical and new type of hoisting machinery.

●Bridge: A box beam welded by steel U-shaped groove processing steel.

●Double gourd trolley: suitable for lifting long objects (such as electric poles, steel pipes, pipe piles, etc.).

●The operating mechanism of large and small cars: It is composed of three-in-one rotation.




Performance characteristics:

●Compact size;

●Double gourd operation, economical and affordable;

●The quiet height of the building is low;

●Small size, can effectively use the workshop space;

●The whole structure is simple, easy to install, use and maintain;

●Light weight and low wheel pressure.


Lifting range:

The commonly used lifting capacity is 1t-25t, the span is 7.5m-22.5m, the three-phase 380V, 50Hz power supply is used, and the working environment temperature is -25℃-40℃. It can also be designed separately according to user requirements.




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1. The following main parameters of the crane should be determined before ordering: lifting weight (lifting weight of double hoist), span, lifting height, track length, if we can provide plant drawings, we will provide more detailed technical information.

For example: lifting weight: 5t, span 22.5m, lifting height 6m

2. The speed of the electric hoist must be determined when ordering. There is a difference between single speed and double speed for electric hoists. If you have other special requirements, or have more detailed information, please let us know, and we will give the price more accurately!

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