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LDP type electric single beam side-mounted crane

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LDP type electric single beam crane is also called side-mounted single-beam crane, single-beam side-mounted crane, and LDP-type side-mounted single-beam crane. LDP type electric single beam crane is manufactured according to the standards JB/T1306-2008, JB/T3811-2008 (old standards JB/T1306-1984, JB/T1306-1994), and named LDP crane in the JB/T1306-1994 standard. Note: (The local factory supplies 10% below the market price, free on-site surveys, fast customized production and installation, if there are any quality problems in the later use of the product, including human factors, 30-60 minutes to start the emergency maintenance program).




The LDP electric single-beam side-mounted crane is a single-beam crane with an electric hoist mounted on an angular trolley. The LDP type electric partial hanging single beam crane is characterized by three connection methods for the main beam and the end beam, equipped with a partial hanging hoist trolley, which is equivalent to installing an A1 type fixed electric hoist on the roof of the factory building, which can maximize the use of the factory space Compared with the normal single beam, the occupied space is reduced by about 1 meter, which avoids the phenomenon of hoist swinging when the traditional LD single beam crane hoist starts or stops.




The main girder of the LDP electric single-beam crane adopts a box-shaped main girder, which is off-track form, and is used in conjunction with a special electric hoist trolley. The special electric hoist trolley is mostly used with CD1, MD1 and other electric hoists. The LDP type electric hoist adopts a side-hanging form and runs on one side of the main beam. The position of the hoist is lifted from the traditional main beam to the upper side of the main beam, which effectively increases the lifting height. The trolley is braked by a conical motor and driven by an open gear. The main beam is a box-shaped structure, deviated from the rail, and horizontal wheels are set up and down, which is safe and reliable, and can prevent the rail from gnawing.




The LDP type partial hanging single beam crane is an ultra-low headroom light and small crane. The electric hoist is located on the side of the main beam, which increases the lifting height of the hook. It is widely used in places where the working environment is between -25°C and 40°C and the headroom of the workshop is low. The rated load of LDP single-beam side-mounted crane is 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 10T, 16T, span 7.5M-22.5M, lifting height 6M-12M, working class A3.

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