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QY type insulated hook bridge crane

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In this series of cranes, there are 5/ 5 tons, 8/ 8 tons, 10/ 10 tons, 20/20 tons, 32/32 tons, 40/ 40 tons, 50/ 50 tons and other standard lifting weights, 7.5-40 meters Between span, the lifting weight is expressed in fractions, such as 50/50 tons, which means that the main trolley has a lifting weight of 50 tons, and the auxiliary trolley has a weight of 50 tons; the lifting height is expressed in fractions, such as 14/14 meters, which means the main trolley lifting height 14 meters, the lifting height of the auxiliary trolley is 14 meters. QY-type insulated double-beam bridge crane. Large crane. 10T-50TQY-type insulated double-beam bridge crane. The product is easy to install and has high quality and low price. The operation is flexible. Two supporting feet are installed under the main beam, which can walk directly on the track on the ground, and the two ends of the main beam can be provided with outhanging cantilever beams.




QY insulated bridge cranes are suitable for non-ferrous metal electrolytic aluminum, magnesium, lead and zinc smelting workshops. Because the ground equipment in the workshop carries direct current, in order to prevent the current on the live equipment from being transmitted to the crane through the hoisted components during the work process, which endangers the life of the driver and the safety of the equipment, several cranes are installed in the appropriate parts of the crane. Road insulation device. Safe and reliable, with good performance.



The cranes are all heavy duty systems. To ensure the safety of lifting, the lifting mechanism is equipped with double brakes.

The crane operation is all completed in the driver's cab.


Welding process

1) The main steel structure (main beam, end beam) materials are all Q235-B, and the materials used have material reports and corresponding certificates of conformity.

2) The manufacture, welding and inspection of steel structures are carried out in accordance with industry standards. Important force butt welds adopt double-sided groove welding process, and conduct visual inspection and non-destructive inspection according to regulations. All welders hold corresponding grade certificates.

3) All crane main girder adopts the whole plate non-butt joint process, and the butt welding seam of the main girder steel plate is eliminated, which eliminates the hidden danger of the steel plate butt welding volume.



4) All plates are automatically cut by a CNC cutting machine, and the arch of the main beam is preset to avoid the problem of downward deflection of the traditional fire-baked main beam.

5) The steel surface is shot blasted, and its surface roughness reaches the Sa2.5 level in GB8923 "Steel surface treatment registration and rust removal grade before painting", which improves the paint adhesion and does not peel off, ensuring the long-term beauty of the crane. .

6) The longitudinal waist weld of the main beam adopts advanced automatic special machine ambush welding, which is beautiful in shape and guarantees the welding quality.

7) The crossbeam of the cart is made of rectangular tube as a whole, without splicing, no welding seam, beautiful appearance, strong and durable.

8) The wheel installation adopts boring type installation to prevent the wheel treads from being out of the same horizontal plane and improve the wheel running accuracy.

Note: (The local factory supplies 10% below the market price, free on-site surveys, fast customized production and installation, if there are any quality problems in the later use of the product, including human factors, 30-60 minutes to start the emergency maintenance program).

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