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Vacuum suction cup cantilever crane

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Suction cup cantilever crane has the characteristics of flexibility, maneuverability and wide applicability. It is a necessary independent emergency hoisting equipment for high-efficiency automatic production lines. With it, the production line can be extended in all directions. Such as the transfer of glass, lubricated objects.

The working principle of the suction cup cantilever crane: there is a freely moving piston in the closed cylinder, and the rubber rolling film forms a seal between the piston and the cylinder. The seal does not rely on the touch and close cooperation between the metals. During the operation of the equipment Has been a sealing effect.


Cantilever crane specification parameter table

Parameters/Model Capacity(S.W.L)
Arm length(S)
Total height(B)
Arm width(C)
Hook margin(D)
BZD 125 2000-8000 3230-3350 91-150 150 215-660
BZD 250 4000-6000 3240 55-100 160-200 215-470
BZD 500 2000-6000 3240-3710 64-120 160-250 220-660
BZD 1000 2000-6000 3240-3710 82-120 160-250 320-720
BZD 2000 2000-2500 3710 120 250 500-515
BZD 2500 2000-8000 3410-3710 120-200 250-300 515-2240
BZD 3200 2000-6000 3410-3600 170-210 300 590-1700
BZD 4000 2000-6000 3500-3650 190-220 300 950-2000
BZD 5000 2000-5000 3440-3490 300 300 1300-2100


Suction cup cantilever crane is a new generation of light lifting equipment manufactured for accustomed to modern production. It cooperates with a highly reliable electric hoist, which is especially suitable for short distances. It is frequently used and densely packed. It is highly efficient, energy-saving, energy-saving, and The ground area is small, and it is easy to operate and repair.


Suction cup cantilever crane advantages:

The load can reach 5000kg

Various structures and suction cups are available for equipment

can be applied to 300 degree high temperature sheet

is especially suitable for occasions without power source


Main components of suction cup cantilever crane:

1. Vacuum pump: oil-free air-cooled rotary vane vacuum pump, connected to 380V, three-phase power electricity can produce vacuum, it is the core part of the vacuum system, the high vacuum degree is 85%.

2. Vacuum chuck: It is used to adsorb on the surface of the workpiece, and the rubber is in contact with the workpiece to ensure that it will not cause damage to the surface of the workpiece.

3. Vacuum filter: Used to filter impurities and particles on the surface of the workpiece or in the air to ensure the service life of the vacuum pump.

4. Pressure sensor: It is used to visually display the vacuum pressure of the system to the operator to provide safety guarantee.

5. Push-pull valve: to control and switch the passage between the vacuum pump and the suction cup, the suction cup and the atmosphere.

6. ​​Vacuum check valve: When the system has a power failure, it will automatically shut off the passage between the vacuum pump and the atmosphere, lock the vacuum energy of the accumulator, and provide sufficient pressure holding time to ensure that the workpiece will not suddenly fall.

7. Manual ball valve: used to manually open or close the passage between the vacuum pump and the suction cup for easy maintenance.

8. Alarm indicator: When the suction power of a single group of suction cups is insufficient.

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