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Note: (The local factory supplies 20% below the market price, free on-site surveys, fast customized production and installation, and the product runs at full capacity for 3 years without any quality problems. If there are any quality problems later in the product use, including human factors, 30- Start the emergency maintenance program in 60 minutes).




The wall cantilever crane is composed of a jib device and an electric chain hoist. The cantilever is fixed on the wall or concrete column, and can be rotated according to user needs. The turning part is divided into manual turning and electric turning. The electric chain hoist is installed on the cantilever track for lifting heavy objects.

Wall-mounted cantilever crane features and installation

wall cantilever crane is a kind of light cantilever crane fixed on the wall or pilaster, or it can run along the elevated track on the wall or other supporting structure. It does not need to occupy the area of the workshop, and the workshop space can be used more effectively.




Features of wall cantilever crane:

1. Wall-mounted cantilever cranes are used in workshops or warehouses with large spans and high headrooms, near the walls;

2. Suitable for lifting light objects;

3. Its structure is unique, safe and reliable;

4. Economical and efficient;

5. Save time;

6. Flexible and convenient operation;

7. Widely used;

8. Suitable for short-distance lifting operations;

9. Economical and durable;




For cantilever beam installation, please proceed in the following order.

1) Drill holes in the workshop column according to the corresponding position of the drawing;

2) Lift the cantilever with a crane, fix the cantilever with the upper and lower support plates with fixing bolts, measure the upper deflection with a level, and then tighten the nut on the rotating shaft in a clockwise direction.

3) Install electric hoist, walking trolley and slewing device on the cantilever beam track.

4) Install a C-shaped track on the top of the cantilever beam. There is a self-made sliding trolley in the C-shaped track, and it should be on the same side as the electrical control box.

5) All electrical appliances on the cantilever beam should be wired and installed, and a power cord of appropriate length should be reserved. The C-type track block and the cable are respectively tied and fixed with a binding wire.





1. If the machine is installed outdoors, reliable rainproof measures should be installed;

2. After the cantilever and the bracket are assembled, the following should be done:

① The rotating cantilever can flexibly rotate 180 degrees around the column;

②Adjust the gasket to make the end of the cantilever reach the upper deflection F≥R/250 (R is the radius of gyration)

The main specifications of our wall cantilever crane are 125kg-5000kg. The product specifications are complete, with high quality and low price! Welcome to consult!

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