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900kg/1000kg column cantilever crane

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Note: (The local factory supplies 20% below the market price, free on-site surveys, fast customized production and installation, and the product runs at full capacity for 3 years without any quality problems. If there are any quality problems later in the product use, including human factors, 30- Start the emergency maintenance program in 60 minutes).




This column cantilever crane is also called fixed column cantilever crane. It is composed of a column, a rotary arm slewing drive device and an electric hoist. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation by anchor bolts, and the rotary arm is driven by the cycloid pin wheel decelerating device. Rotating, the electric hoist runs left and right in a straight line on the I-beam of the jib arm, and lifts heavy objects. The crane jib is a hollow steel structure, with light weight, large span, large lifting weight, economical and durable. The lifting weight is 900-1000kg, a variety of track models and spans, and the modular design of prefabricated standards makes it easier to expand and relocate. It can be installed on any ordinary 15 cm thick reinforced concrete floor. This cantilever crane can be customized according to customers Need to design customized lifting equipment.




Column cantilever crane is a kind of light and small lifting equipment. It has the advantages of novel structure, high efficiency, energy saving, time and labor saving, reasonable, simple, convenient operation and use, flexible rotation and large working space. It can be operated at will in three-dimensional space. In the occasions of segmental and intensive transportation, it shows its superiority more than other conventional lifting equipment. It is an energy-saving and efficient material lifting equipment. It can be widely used for lifting heavy objects in factories, mines, workshops, assembly lines, upper and lower workpieces of machine tools, warehouses, and docks. This machine is composed of a column, a rotary arm and an electric chain hoist.




The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation, and the swing arm rotates, which can be rotated according to user requirements. The rotation part is divided into manual and electric rotation (the cycloid pin wheel speed reducer is installed and the upper or lower pallet drives the rotating arm of the rotating tube to rotate). The electric chain hoist is installed on the jib track for lifting heavy objects.

Various specifications, styles, lifting weights, lifting heights, rotation angles, etc. of our cantilever cranes can be customized and produced on demand, and quick service in the same city is opened! Welcome to consult at any time!

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