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European single beam crane

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Specification parameter table of European single beam crane

Parameters/Model Lifting capacity
Working level
Lifting height
Span(m) Lifting speed
Walking speed
Travel speed of cart
LD 2000 M3-M6 6-18 10.5-31.5 0.8/5 2-20 3-30
LD 3200 M3-M6 6-18 10.5-31.5 0.8/5 2-20 3-30
LD 5000 M3-M6 6-18 10.5-31.5 0.8/5 2-20 3-30
LD 6300 M3-M6 6-18 10.5-31.5 0.8/5 2-20 3-30
LD 8000 M3-M6 6-18 10.5-31.5 0.8/5 2-20 3-30
LD 10000 M3-M6 6-18 10.5-31.5 0.8/5 2-20 3-30
LD 12500 M3-M5 6-18 10.5-31.5 0.8/5 2-20 3-30
LD 16000 M3-M5 6-18 10.5-31.5 0.66/4 2-20 3-30
LD 20000 M3-M5 6-18 10.5-31.5 0.66/4 2-20 3-30


European-style single-girder cranes can reduce the crane's requirements for plant structure and save plant manufacturing costs.

The core component of the transmission mechanism, the reducer all adopts hard tooth surfaces, high-precision gear pairs, plus the application of steel reel, forged wheels and frequency conversion speed regulation system, making the European-style single-beam crane an updated product of the traditional general-purpose bridge crane , Suitable for machinery manufacturing, assembly, petrochemical, warehousing and logistics, power construction, papermaking, railway and other industries.

Characteristics of new crane


The design software developed by the company, combined with three-dimensional modeling and finite element analysis, adopts a reasonable structure from the lifting mechanism, the steel structure to the accessories, and the large-scale application of high-strength materials increases the load-bearing capacity and reduces its own weight. , Compared with traditional cranes, the dead weight is lighter and the wheel pressure is smaller.

takes up little space

The limit distance from the hook to both sides is small, the working range is large, the height above the track surface is small, and the workshop space is effectively used.

Operation and maintenance cost is low

Because of the small wheel pressure and small size, it can reduce the investment in the early stage of the factory building, and at the same time, the lighting, heating and other facilities can also save a part of the cost. And the product performance is reliable and durable, so that the additional cost required during the use of the later product is reduced to a low level. The optional high-quality and high-performance parts greatly reduce the workload of maintenance and repair, the total installed power is reduced, and the use cost can be saved.

high performance

Using frequency conversion technology, heavy load slow speed, light load fast, speed range 1:10, the crane runs smoothly, reducing the impact on the plant. Combined with anti-sway technology, high-precision positioning of lifting objects can be realized.

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