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ME double beam double trolley hook gantry crane

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Crane design: Note: (The local factory supplies 10% below the market price, free on-site surveys, fast customized production and installation, if there are any quality problems later in the product use, including human factors, 30-60 minutes to start the emergency maintenance program) .

Based on the needs of modern production, the optimized design of the crane is particularly important. A good design scheme can improve the performance of the whole machine while fully ensuring the customer's use, save steel and processing costs, and increase economic benefits.




The main structure

The crane is composed of a mast, a cart running mechanism, a cab device, an electric drive device, a hoist power supply system, a cart running correction device, and an anchoring mechanism.

1. Door frame

The door frame is a main beam, a pair of upper beams (matching rigid legs and flexible legs), two rigid legs, two flexible legs, and two lower beams.

The design is the strength required by the gantry crane to meet the working capacity of the gantry crane, and the stiffness is the key problem that the gantry crane design needs to solve.

Through design calculations, the main beam structure is 1560mm in upper width, 3000mm in height, and 718mm in lower width.

The main girder is connected by the webs, side plates, load-bearing webs and running rails with internal partitions to form an upper wide and lower narrow structure. The upper width is to ensure the horizontal rigidity of the large-span crane, and the lower narrow is to ensure that the electric hoist runs along the main The beam and rail run stably.




2. Transmission of traveling mechanism

The design of the traveling mechanism is based on the weight of the gantry crane and the environmental conditions of the work. Motors, reducers and brakes are selected. In the design of the previous gantry crane operating mechanism, the connection between the motor and the reducer is usually an elastic coupling or a rigid coupling, which has high noise, high inertia, high failure rate and normal shaking during starting and braking. Serious, the operator is uncomfortable at work, resulting in a sense of insecurity. Through analysis, the scheme of coupling is selected. It greatly reduces the inertia force during starting and braking, and improves the working performance.

3. Power input

The power input of the gantry crane is completed by the movement of the power cable with the gantry crane. The cable is wound on the cable drum. The traditional cable drum is retracted by the crane to move the cable (spring type). Cause damage to the cable. Therefore, the electric reel device (locked-rotor type) is adopted in the design with a reasonable structure layout, which improves the damage of the cable during work.




4. Safety device

Because the two electric hoists are running on the same track, a travel switch is installed on the opposite part of the electric hoist to prevent collisions when the electric hoist is running. The electric hoist itself has a height limiter and an overload controller. Due to the large span, the carriage running rail rectification device is installed on the carriage running end beam, which can ensure the stable operation of the crane along the track.

1. Starting weight: 3t-32t

2. Lifting height: 6m-20m

3. Span: 10m-35m

4. Working level: A3-A5 The weight provided in this sample is the design value, and the manufacturing value is +15%

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