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Single beam gantry grab crane

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Grab crane
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Grab gantry cranes can be used together with bridge cranes, port machinery and winches. They are widely used in ports, power plants, docks, chemical industries, etc., to grab various loose deposits, such as ore, coal, slag, etc. Work such as loading, unloading, light stacking, and feeding, but it is not recommended for working environments with explosion-proof and insulation requirements.

Grab bucket gantry crane has the characteristics of high site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptability and strong versatility.

Due to the different goods to be lifted, the corresponding parameters of the grab gantry crane should also be set according to the specific situation, such as the lifting height, span, motor used, electrical parts and other components. If it meets industry standards, it can be based on customer needs To design.

Grab gantry crane is on a double drum winch. One of the drums leads a wire rope for supporting use, and the other group leads one for opening and closing. After the grab is half-opened, it falls on the object, closes the open and close wire rope, the wire rope pulls the crossbeam to close the two palatal plates, the bucket is filled with materials, the lifting support wire rope lifts the grab, and sends it to the unloading site by crane , Support the steel wire rope to stay still, use the grab bucket to open the loose open and close rope, and unload the grabbed material.

Grab gantry crane can complete many tasks that complex automatic robots can do under the easy towing of the operator. At the same time, it has a wider range of use than automatic robots, with greater mobility and flexibility, but the production cost is greatly reduced. With the application of intelligent technology of gantry cranes, grab gantry cranes will play a huge role in electronic appliances, automobile manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, light industry, chemical industry and other industries.

Grab gantry crane is detected by the front clamp (suction cup, gripper), automatically recognizes the balance pressure of load and no-load, and then automatically adjusts the balance. When working, the heavy objects are in a state of weightlessness, which can avoid rigid collisions when the workpieces are connected. Within the working range of the manipulator, the operator can easily move the heavy objects to any position in the front and rear up and down spaces, and the personnel themselves can easily operate. At the same time, the pneumatic logic control circuit has functions such as misoperation protection and air cut protection, which can be said to be a very intelligent and humanized design.

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