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Garbage crane (garbage grab crane)

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Grab crane
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Garbage hanging

The garbage incineration crane adopts the IPC (industrial control computer) + HMI (touch screen) + PLC + frequency conversion speed regulation" control scheme to realize the comprehensive monitoring of the whole machine and the automatic control speed regulation function. It also adopts the motor dehumidification, moisture-proof technology, and crane parallel technology. , Crane intelligent monitoring technology, weighing and real-time measurement records, four-point "V"-shaped arrangement anti-sway technology, automatic grasping and lifting technology and safety protection technology (lifting protection, descent protection, operation protection, before and after garbage pit Left and right pit wall protection, control room left and right protection and anti-collision protection between two cars, etc.).




Garbage incineration crane

Due to the relatively large water content in domestic garbage and the low combustion value, it needs to stay for a period of time. Natural compression and partial fermentation are used to reduce the water content to increase the calorific value. The mixing and stirring of new and old garbage can also shorten the fermentation time. Therefore, the garbage incineration crane needs to complete the feeding of the incinerator, mixing, stacking, transporting and mixing the garbage in the garbage pit. Due to the harsh environment around the garbage pit, there is generally a closed garbage crane control room on the side of the pit, and the crane is controlled by the operator to realize the fully automatic operation of all the tasks of the crane. In order to solve the above problems, incineration cranes have manual and automatic control modes. A touch screen that can be operated and monitored by the operator is installed next to each linkage table in the control room. The touch screen is marked with a grid of addresses corresponding to the physical address of the garbage pool. During automatic operation, the operator only needs to click on the grid. Ready to operate. The program can automatically find the running path and running speed, automatically grab the garbage (automatically re-grab when it is not full), and automatically put the garbage in batches to prevent the hopper mouth from being blocked, which reduces the work intensity of the operator




Smart Garbage Hanger Series

When the operator repeatedly selects automatic operation, if no new grabbing is input, the system will add a deviation amount to the address of the last operation, and automatically give a step-by-step retrieval address. While the equipment is in manual control mode during the operation of the equipment, when the equipment is running automatically, whether the operator clicks the touch switch on the touch screen (except for non-command switches, etc.) or pulls the master switch on the linkage table, the system is restored from the automatic operation state To manual control mode, to ensure the safe operation of the entire organization.

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