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Free-standing kbk crane

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KBK crane
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Self-supporting kbk crane:

The rigid light-duty crane is the introduction of European technology. Its running track and main beam are all enclosed steel rails, modularized production and assembly. To ensure reliable and stable quality, the lifting weight can reach 3200kg, and the application range is extremely wide. It is especially suitable for advanced production lines such as modern machining, assembly, and storage. Its characteristics are summarized as follows:

1. Reliable, stable, economical and efficient

The track is made of high-strength steel by one-step cold rolling to avoid deformation in the secondary welding. The track adopts a closed design to effectively avoid the appearance of dust on the rolling surface, thereby reducing the resistance and wear of the small wheels and the track, making it more flexible in operation and prolonging its service life. The simple structure design reduces the failure rate; the smooth wheel contact surface and the unique wheel design ensure low running resistance and low noise; lighter manual operation, low overall power and low energy consumption (electric operation can be energy-saving compared to Soviet cranes 40%)

Rigid connection and unique guide wheel design ensure that the main beam will not be inclined or shaken under load or without load, thereby ensuring accurate load positioning.

The design of high-strength track and expandable truss structure eliminates the need for additional I-beam suspension as a whole, thereby reducing the overall self-weight. The lifting capacity can reach 2000kg, which is economical and environmentally friendly. In particular, the optimization of the truss structure can make the interval up to 9 meters, which greatly reduces the number of columns or supporting parts, reduces space interference, and makes the layout of the plant beautiful and simple.

2. Strong adaptability and precise layout

Modular production, modular combined installation, can be accurately designed according to your actual needs, reducing equipment idle waste. All standard modules can be connected by bolts, which can be modified according to changing production needs.

The optimized structural design can provide installation methods such as self-supporting column, suspended, and beamless ultra-low headroom according to the customer's existing plant structure and space requirements. According to the requirements of different working conditions, stainless steel rails can be provided for clean spaces and food-grade rails.



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