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Shopping mall electric hoist (micro electric hoist)

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The miniature electric hoist is also called "small crane", which is suitable for lifting and unloading small pieces of goods in various occasions. The miniature hoist is simple in structure, easy to install, small and exquisite. It uses single-phase electricity as the power source and can be operated and used at home with 220V. This kind of miniature electric hoist is widely used in modern industrial production lines, assembly lines, assembly machines, logistics transportation and other occasions such as machinery manufacturing, electronics, automobiles, shipbuilding, workpiece assembly, and high-tech industrial zones. For work in warehouses, docks, ingredients, hanging baskets and working places with narrow space, it can better show the excellent quality of suspended miniature electric hoists. The main features of the small crane: with emergency stop switch and forced disconnection limit switch, protection class IP54, with thermal protection device.

Electric hoists for shopping malls: Every shopping mall now basically uses shopping mall advertising hooks, and most of these advertising hooks are installed on the edge of the mall’s atrium. The wire rope is guided through the guide wheel and then the hook is hung down, so that when the banner needs to be replaced At that time, you can put down the hook and replace the banner with a light press.

Shopping mall electric advertising hooks are produced according to industry standards. They have the characteristics of reasonable design, advanced structure and beautiful appearance. The safety guarantee is also high. The motor heat sink adopts a cast iron structure to increase the service life.



1. Mechanical itinerary: It is specially designed for each product to allow customers to use it safely.

2. Control system: Our products use a control system with electric jog function and a wired control method

3. Motor specifications: all motors use copper cores. Pure copper wire motor is more durable, low resistance, low heat during use, it is not easy to burn the motor, and the welding can be naturally integrated, which protects the connection point of the power cord, thereby improving the service life of the motor, and is safer and more reliable. Pure copper The line motor is quieter.

4. System: Ultra-quiet deceleration system, high transmission efficiency, low noise, compact structure, omit the intermediate shaft, square appearance, easier to install and fix. 5. Stopper: Equipped with a mechanical stopper. When the stopper plate touches the stopper, the hoisting machine will automatically stop the operation.


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